half guard, shin in thigh

I am on bottom half guard with his right leg trapped. He puts his left shin on my right thigh to pin it down and pass to mount or side.

What should I do?


sounds like an opportunity to lift him and put him into your closed guard. Just hook your left foot under his right thigh and grab his left gi pants at the knee with your right hand. Lift him up to clear your (trapped) right leg and close your legs.

Also, if the guy aint that great you can just bridge him over and go ontop. The more pressure that he puts on your head, the harder it is to do these moves.

Options (in order of personal preference:

(1) Try and catch his left ankle inside your half guard also. Keep your knees squeezed, and now that his legs are pinned together, lower your arms and bearhug his legs around the thighs. Keeping his legs pinned together with your arms, open your legs and roll him over.

(2) Use your right hand to pass the cuff of his left kimono leg around the back of his right hamstring to your left hand. Turn to your right, go to your knees and push him over since he can't base out using his left leg.

Both work on the fact that you trap his legs together and go to your knees since he has no base.

hope makes sense...

that second one is nice...

Shimp out while his shoving his shin on your thigh. Push your ass out to your left side and at the same time you want to try and take your right leg out to make some space(but not all the way out), next you want to take your left foot and hook it inside of his right thigh(remember though, you have to be pushing on his left knee or hip)then sit up to butterfly guard... I don't know, that's what I would try to do. If any one can explain better...please do so..

Thanks all, these all sound pretty good. I've already had some success with inserting an elevator and putting him in my guard.