Hallman's Karate -- LOL

Right now he is a chubby fucker walking around at 189. His diet consists of a lot of fast food and Sprite. I do not believe I have ever seen him drink water.

When I was fighting (6 years ago) I had a similar diet and did ok. Now I eat very clean and do some supplements (creatine, hmb, glutamine) and feel a thousand times better. I recover faster and my cardio is a lot better. In addition I can train for longer.

You know what they say..."If it ain't broke.."

DJ, I have to disagree. If he keeps going at this rate he will do as good as he always has, which is just this side of greatness. He has the talent to be the very best and I believe that his diet is the biggest wall keeping him from the very top.

While I don't exactly disagree, his diet can be attributed to his attitude toward the game in general. He knows he can hang with anyone so he doesn't push or dedicate himself as a pro athlete.

IMO the diet is just a byproduct of his outlook on the sport and his perception of his place in it.

you know when he is in Karate mode when you see him do the tiger claw.

Bottom line - Hallman's karate is not to be trifled with.

No one REALLY wants to see it because it's brutal and gruesome. I still haven't recovered from the one time I saw him use it on someone and that was YEARS ago!

For the record...they never found the guy's left eye, he swallowed most of his bottom teeth, his two front teeth were lodged in Hallman's forearm, and we never did figure out how Dennis was able to get both feet stuffed into the guy's ass.


Ultimate Karate!

Ooooooh....looks like we touched a nerve with Luvmachine. His mommy must have sent him to several years of it at the Y to improve his self esteem and help learn how NOT to get his ass kicked at school.


Luvmachine is probably just a mechanic that specializes in small old Chevy (Luv) pickup trucks.

Hallman may break out his UBK on someone in the near future...watch and listen

It's hard to find him good fights. Many top fighters don't want to risk fighting him because he has the abliity to snatch a victory with a quickness. He's a very dangerous matchup for anyone...UBK or not!