Ever since showing my friends the KIMBO vids, they have been OBSESSED like the rest of us! So, I am proud to announce that 3 of my friends are dressing up as KIMBO SLICE for HALLOWEEN! We are leaving for the city in a bit, but these guys, look like junkyard dog and KIMBO combined! A nasty combo! I will take pics in a bit, just picture, 3 blonde guys, great shape, dressed in black professional make up from head to toe, a bald cap, glued on beards, board shorts, nike sneaks, and a KNEE BRACE! They are running around right now practicing the lines we know best! Its ridiculous.

Lets Run this Shit!


becareful where you go..lol

Quick update, I think we have created a monster. Kimbo is taking over the world as we know it. These guys are pounding drinks down, pushing each other getting ready for tonight. I think Im afraid to go out with them, they look like the real Kimbo. Worst of all, they are acting like him too!
Is anyone out there dressing up as Borat from ALI G?
High Five!

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