Happy b-day Brigham!!!

For his 22nd birthday, Brandon has stated that he will only start 22 different threads, use the f-bomb 22 times, only message Loretta 22 times and only spend 22 minutes on Monte's balls-  This is about half the average

Happy birthday brother

LoL Thank (expletive) you

Happy B-Day to the forum's #1 news-breaker

I give Cindy O a run for her money with my excellent copy and pasting skills.

I dont think so? I will though.

Brandon should delete crooklyn on myspace

More like hung like i'm 12. Oh well =(

Happy birthday man :)


Brandon will buy you a NICE seafood dinner then NEVER call you again.


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Oh Stephanie-

You obviously don't know Brandon.  She's sorry bro, she didn't know any better.

This is more like it---

LOL! I hate you so much...


I call the older one!!!

...Good lord, I love you Crooklyn =)

wow- that girl doesn't look a little coked out...

Just a tad... LoL

So, is this a friend of yours or??