Happy Bday Carwin!!

Now get back in that cage and rip some heads off...

Good luck rehabbing.

 Happy Birthday Big Shane!!!

Happy birthday big man Phone Post

If this is true, Happy Birthday big fella! Phone Post

Happy B-Day!!! Im giving you the day off, so enjoy yourself. If anyone gives you grief about it, send them my way.

Happy birthday! Looking forward to seeing you back in action 2012.

Good luck with your rehab/PT. Looking foward to seeing you back in action Phone Post


Happy birthday Shane!

 Hoep you get a lot of cool cake and presents :-)

Thanks guys.

Congrats big man! Phone Post

 Happy Birthday Shane! Many more to come

 signed. Happy bday :)

happy birthday!!

  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Happy Birthday Shane!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday. Phone Post

Happy birthday!  Can't wait to see your next run at the title!

Happy Birthday Shane from one of the first few members of the Carwin Army!!!!!

HBD to the Colossus of Colorado. Phone Post

Happy birthday Shane! I for one am really looking forward to your next picks for the next UFC.... I'm not a betting man but it was truly impressive! Phone Post