Happy Birthday Michael !!!

Happy birthday.......!!!

A very Merry Birthday to you Miquel!!!!! :-)

Thanks. Now I have to go get some young white girls to make myself feel younger. :)

Happy birthday bro! Man..you are old dude...:)

Happy Birthday Mike


Happy birthday!

(& if you want to feel young, go for the Demi Moore types ;)

Happy B'day!

Happy B Day Mike. I bought you a new car but its on backorder until next year. I'll let you know when it comes in


Happy Birthday!!!

and ttt for young white girls!

happy b day buddy

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Michael

Happy b-day

Happy birthday Bolo!

happy belated birthday....what's wrong with asian girls? lol...

Yah, happy white girls Bolo.

Happy Bday !

Happy birthdays Bolo! And if I may ask, just how young are you still? :-)