Happy Birthday Mirko!

Cheers to the champ.

So hot Phone Post

Happy birthday Mr. Crocop.

39 and still kicking ass.

Happy birthday Mirko! My favorite of all time Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday to Cro Cop! Phone Post 3.0

Cheers Mirko !

Hope your birthday is OK Mirko! 

Happy birthday to one of my all time favorites!

Happy Birthday, CroCop! Hi Igor=)



Sretan Rogendan Kurva! Za Dom Bog I Hrvati!

Happy bday Mr. Filipovic.

Kick a head off for us :-) Phone Post

CindyO - 

Happy Birthday, CroCop! Hi Igor=)



Hi Cindy!  @}->--

Congrats mirko many years! Phone Post

Happy Birthday CroCop!! Phone Post 3.0

I wish you a very happy birthday!


I was going to post the California Dreamin' video.  But when I think back and realize that if I had to place a finger on the one fighter who made me start watching MMA, it would have to be Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic.  Thank you for all of the entertainment both in, and out, of the cage.


Oh fuck it, I couldn't help myself.



And as I just rewatched that hightlight.  Mirko has to has one of the best highlight reels out there.  DEVESTATING KOs.....lots of them.  And that's the same guy in the video above...priceless.

HappY Birthday.
Always a fan. Phone Post 3.0

7 years ago today, I was in the Saitama Super Arena singing Happy Birthday to CroCop with about 50,000 others after he had just beaten Wanderlei and Barnett to win the OWGP.