Happy Holidays

Hermes Franca and Dave Jansen breaking down the XVT 5 fix.

 Happy Holidays and a great 2011 to each and every one in my mma family. I love the UG. Thank you for the support. I'm not gonna let this die. I still need your help to get this BS no contest changed to a decision win for me. Remember, this isn't about a bad judges decision. I could live with that. This is about a corrupt promoter named Jean-francios Billon stealing the win away from me.

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Thanks again,

Hermes "Unreal" Franca

AWESOME! i was beginning to worry this video was never going to happen. still supporting you, Hermes.


All the best Hermes and all the best UG! Phone Post

Happy holidays to you too!


 Same to you and everyone on this MAH!


Not sure the video went up, because I can't see it on my computer. Here it is.


Happy Holidays to you Hermes. Here's hoping you get your win certified.

Right back at you home slice. Phone Post


Merry Christmas, Hermes.

Great video Hermes. Hopefully you get that last B.S. loss overturned to a "victory" real soon. I wish you and your family well. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!!


Merry Christmas to you too, Hermes Franca!