Happy Holidays

I believe the holidays to be a time when we get together with and celebrate the good things and good people in our lives like family and friends. I'm with my family and friends now and the only people missing are my real fans. I want to let you guys know I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me this past year it truly has been a big help, and I'm looking forward to beating punks down in '05 and earning your fanship(I know it's not a word but this is Thugjitsu dammnit). Anyway I just wanted to say this as my thank you to the real fans of Thugjitsu. Merry Christmas bitches.

P.S. True Thugjitsu fans will understand this.

P.S.P.S. Everyday that I get onlineI'll post on my Forum the "Thugjitsu Jistu of the Day" It may be a quote, it maybe a technique, it may even be funny (it probably will) but the only way to be sure is to check it out.



happy hollidays Yves hope your 05 is as explosive as 04

ttt -----Thugjitsu 05


Happy Holidays.


Yves Edwards- thank you for autographing the Steinerwear Hats for my charity event for St. Judes. Ron Steinerwear had you sign some hats for the raffle. Thank you.

Fearless Goat

ttt foolio

I am an Edwards fan.. happy holidays and that's straight edge

Happy holidays Yves!!!

I am a fan of you, therefore I think it is fitting that I say something like "what's up Yves?" on an internet message board in hopes that you say something like,"Nothing much fan person!!! What is up with you my new best friend?" Then hopefully we can exchange numbers and go out and see a movie if im in your area. Maybe we can exchange some tips on fighting techniques, I mean I have seen weaknesses in you're standup that I believe I could correct if you give me the time of day. I have watched enough fights to be able to help you if you're willing to learn from me, I mean I may not have ever fought before but trust me, if Mike Tyson would've done what I was telling him too from my couch, he would be undefeated to this day. Anyways, have a great holiday Yves, I feel we have connected already as im typing!!!

Where is the Real Joker?? He can't miss a thread like this! sheesh......... it's just not natural!

doesnt he have a rematch with hermes franca next? happy holidays hope u beat him this time with no controversy.

Nice message, Happy Holidays and good luck in 05.

Merry Christmas, muh fucka!

Merry christmas Yves

MeRRy CHrisTmaS, I am a huge supporter. I was there live at your (UFC) debut. I rooted against you, just 'cause I knew Serra already, but after that I was a loyal fan of Edwards. When I heard word that you were fighting Uno, I had you as the favorite. And to this day, I still feel you beat him with that "RONIN Headlock Choke", at the end of the second round. Given 3,4 more seconds he would have went limp. The way I look at it, you had the position.

Anyway, since then you've rolled -I don't know, how many straight? That KO of Thomson was "CLASSIC", you hear me, CLASSIC. And you continue to impress with FINESSE, and I mean that. ThugJitsu is the Shitsu.

I still look forward to a match between you and BJ PENN.[what's your walk around weight?]

One more thing, as a "Christmas gift", do you think you could do that "LEFT KICK, RIGHT KICK" combination you did against N. AGALLAR (end of R.1), in one of your upcoming UFC "PEOPLES CHAMPION" TITLE defenses.
Now that shit was ThugJitsu. For us leg kick fiends, that hit the spot.

Much love. Break a Leg(or 2) in 2005.

-now kick a beat, and watch me rip this mic to shreads.


Same to you Yves, my favorite fighter. This will be the year of the kickboxer. With the way being led by Yves, Crocop and Chuck.

He is closer than you think Momita, he is in all of our hearts :)

i think thats indigestion

trj!!!! my nigga!!!

You may have pie and ice cream now BONEtheDOME..

Happy Holidays to the 2004 fighter of the year......and the rest of you scumbags too.