Happy New Year!!!

Have a great new year everyone... Looking forward to some outstanding Aussie MMA action in 2004 :)




It's 12:03 pm on the first day of the year and we're off to a fine start.

I'm living in the country now, rented a house in Coonabarabran NSW and would appreciate lots of attention over the next two weeks before I dive back to Sydney for an explosive year of events... :(

Jayne Marie Waterford

Have a good one.

Just arrived in Brisbane... It's cooler than in melbourne for a change hehe

Happy New Year from Perth!!!!

2004 is going to be a BIG year!!!!!


happy new year to everyone

i am hoping to get back into some training this year

i can envision that it won't be long term regular training again
though, am planning to quit my current job and go into a
completely different line of work so i know i will be very busy.

2nd day - still going well... :)

best wishes to all

Zviggy, I heard great things about the Falls Festival (probably too far away though). If you've got the fundage, that would be a sick place to spend your NYE.