Happy New Year

Happy New Years guys. Hope all had a great night and hope all have a good year ahead...especially G ;)

Got to bed at about 5 and up now just after 8...wow the pleasure of kids.

Yes, happy new year to all. I kept the same sort of hours, but for no reason. (No kids to wake me up - it just happened naturally.)

Yes, Happy New Year. Here's to the next 12 months of training and reading / writing about it here on mma.tv.

I was in Shepparton VIC for New Years so I got plenty of sleep.........;-)

What were you doing here for New Years Stevo???

This is a shit hole for New Years Eve.

Where are you from and where did you go?

Blows whistle.

My folks live just east of Shepp - I left my wife & boy up there b/n Xmas & New Year so had to come back and pick them up.

Had to clean up the house first though......

Sorry you had to experience a NYE up here Stevo :)

You from Melb Stevo?

Yeah, I live work and train bjj in sunny Melb ;-)

We don't get up to Shepp as often now with our little boy but prob 1 every 3 months?

We just spent the night at home - set off a few left over fireworks and had a few beers (a dangerous combination).

Sound slike there were more people at your house than most the clubs/pubs in Shepp.

Give us a yell next time your up and come have a train if you like and if have time.

Will do Keats. I'll bring my gear up next time (prob late Jan for my sister's birthday).

Where about's do you train up there? I say 'up there' b/c I'm back at work now (moans).

We train up stairs at a place in Fryers St opposite the Victoria Hotel Bottle Shop.

Always keen for new guys to come along to show us a few things. We mix it up and train anything from Gi to no Gi to stand up so its a good mixture.

How long you been training BJJ in Melb and who with?

I've been @ Ground Zero for just on 18 months now, training x 2 a week. Rob Williams is a brown belt under Bruno Panno. I go to their lunchtime classes as the groups are a bit smaller so you get more personalised training (I also work in the city so I can learn a technique and then choke my workmates out in the afternoon ;-)

Sounds like fun. I use to have a few work mates I would have loved to choke out ;)

Anyway next time your heading up just let me know on here or email is keating1@tpg.com.au

There is no politics or BS up here. Just a group of guys who get together to learn a bit and have some fun.

Thx Keats, I will definately take you up on this offer. Do you guys train on w/ends?

Also, good comment on the no politics / B.S. policy.


Yes we train most Sat mornings/lunch time.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks Keats!!!

Considering where I was this time last year, 2005 is looking pretty amazing, looking forward to keeping it that way!!!


Hope all goes heaps better for you this year G (surely it can't get much worse). You still look like having to be in Melb in Feb for court?

Would love to catch up for a roll if your planing on training while here.

Also hows the training going over there on the cricket pitch??? ;)

Making any plans to re enter the ring this year?

Anyway take care and hope a few things go your way this year.

Funny stuff Ben!!! I missed that one.......

Good, I thought it was just me :(