Hardest Hitter currently by weight class class?

HW: Ngannou (possibly Pavlovich)
LHW: Azamat or Jiri
MW: Poatan
WW: Ray Cooper 3
LW: Chandler
FW: Emmett


BW is either Petr Yan or Umar nurmagomedov

At LW I would say Gaethje or Oliveria. Oliveria’s punches don’t seem that powerful but he times it so damn good. Gaethje has so much power but he will be off balnce at times. At WW Cédric Doumbé if he can get cleared to fight due to him having only having 2 mma fights. HW I would say Ngannou, Pavlovich, and Tai. FW Emmett I agree he throws fucking hammers. Jiri. Poatan.

Ilia Topuria gotta be up there for FW.


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