Hardest weight division to be Champ?

Which MMA weight division is it hardest to be Champ and stay Champ? I’d have to say WW.


Probably the easiest to become champ and hardest to stay champ.


HW. Definitely

Hw. Even someone as deficient as Ngannou can beat superior fighter as Miocic coz all it takes is touch or two.

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Lol@ Ngannou being deficient.

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What??? Crazy.

I say LW/FW, cz of demographics

From most difficult to easiest


145 also has Pitbull and McKee who could easily be Top 5 in the UFC

We already know it’s HW and LW

The most title defences in both divisions is 3

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Read the question in the OP.

If you’re big and athletic you can pick up MMA in your 30s and still become heavyweight champ. That would be impossible in the lower weight classes unless you’re a woman of course


Yes it all boils down to demographics. The fast majority of men are around LW division size when they are fit. That means the hardest competition is in and around LW.

Probably for most of us it would be the 125lb division… or the ladies. Due to a bunch of us not being women and the rest of us weighing in the 200+ range.

My weight division

neither Top 5, just like Chandler and others weren’t. There’s a reason why they are and prefer to be in Bellator.

He is a one trick pony. It’s a hell of a trick but you cant honestly say he is even good at any aspect of mma besides ko power.

HW is hardest to keep the belt because most HW have one shot power and most other weight classes that is not so common.

I’ll have to go with 145. 3 men have pretty much dominated it for the last 12 years.

Two different questions. That’s why you see such different answers.

For example, the belt changes frequently at HW so it’s statistically easier to win the belt (i.e. “be champ”) at that division than in divisions where champions have long tenures. Conversely, it’s difficult to stay champion at HW because the belt changes so frequently.

See what I mean?

For an answer to fulfill both questions you would have to find a division where champion duration is at the middle, meaning it’s a balance of difficulty winning and maintaining a belt that makes it most challenging. Or don’t weigh winning/maintaining a belt equally.


He just beat the #1 contender using wrestling. With a tucked up knee he won that fight.

If he was a one trick pony he wouldn’t have stopped Stipe’s takedowns.