Hardonk is the fighter most...

...thought Kongo was! At least I hope it turns out that way, he seemed to be more skilled on the ground having trained under the infamous Rickson Gracie. I don't want to see anymore tedious fights between unathletic heavyweights that plod about and won't engage.

Hardonk -vs- Kongo/Arlovski/Silva

They'll probably throw Hardonk vs. Jake O'Brien together and Hardonk will get out wrestled like Kongo did.

He's the next Sakara/Kongo, ie guy who showed some standup and will now have everyone saying he is the next big thing, until he is completely owned in his next fight.

They have to give him time.

The thing about Hardonk was that he was already out wrestled and he showed that he can defend himself and control things down there and get up. It will take a very good wrestler and jiu-jitsu player to expose him.

This is the problem with the UFC at times; matching an exciting striker with a superior wrestler then ditching them once they lose. At least get some exciting fights from them and build them up a little first!

I think:

Kongo -vs- Hardonk

O'Brien -vs- Monson