hardonk / leg kicks

what a great sight it was to see hardonk blast his opponent away with the
bread-and-butter dutch style thai boxing combo of 1-2 rear leg kick.

i wish it would have lasted longer to see more of it.

unless you're a pro at stopping it. it seems like a surefire way to get your
ass handed to you.

any thoughts as to why we dont see more devastating leg kickers in the

man that was AWESOME

it was actually left hook followed by the leg kick. that is how most dutch fighters throw it and have mastered it. it was awesome, reminded me of kaman

"any thoughts as to why we dont see more devastating leg kickers in the UFC?"

there's not really very many devastating leg kickers in MMA by virtue of the ability to have your leg caught and get planted on your back

well, even hardonk himself said it was a jab not a hook.

but yeah, the simple left hook right leg kick works like a charm too

but in muay thai, where you can catch a leg and sweep for points, they
find a way to make the kick fast enough to land.

so why not mma?

hardonk v kongo seems like a dream match up from an 'excitement' stand
point but at this point what would it do for the rankings.

i'd love to see it however.

but then again, why not watch k-1? oh right, no knees or elbows to the
head and limited clinching

its funny how MMA is where you can get a more 'pure' form of muay thai
than k-1

The kicks had very little to do with that fight.

Hoost must have been proud.


What I would like to know is what his background w/ Rickson is. Like how long he's been training under him, and if it's even under him directly or someone else. You just don't see or hear much about Rickson so I'm always really interested.

Hardonk was great yesterday!

LoL @ Spiderking

"well, even hardonk himself said it was a jab not a hook."

Yeah youre right but in your first post you said it was a 1-2 followed with a kick. jab-kick or left hook-kick both work great. melvin manhoef is very good at it aswell

I was impressed with his kicks.

that was some excellent striking

That punch/kick combo looked sick, just like the way Hoost does it. Good to see him get the win with some impressive technique. Here's a highlight of Hoost doing his thing, he finishes off flurries with leg kicks all the time.


I think this style will be hard to prepare for. I'd imagine its difficult to anticipate and catch a leg kick when your eating/blocking punches.

him and kimbo or a butterbean type would be interesting.NO groundwork whatsoever.so he has to be matched up right

"McCully and Mir had no problem with this style"

Good point. I don't remember him using the technique with either of them though.

I liked Hoost strategic placement while Hardonk was interviewed.


"any thoughts as to why we dont see more devastating leg kickers in the UFC?"

Couple of reasons I can think of. First, it's not that easy to be a devastating leg kicker. Second, it takes an extra level of skill to be able to throw them and not get taken down or eat a hard punch to the face ala the Irish Handgrenade's fight. Think how many MMA guys have yet to really master basic jab-cross-hook.

Leg kicks are very effective, so are body shots, but most people in MMA are head hunters.

His opponent was a sad looking guy, looking like he had far more miles than his age would suggest, and got tko'd by a jab.

absolutely right.

i've been taught (i may not execute it however) to have my left arm across my face, and my right shoulder tucked up with my chin down when i throw a right leg kick.

pretty much covered up.

how hard is that to execute for a pro?

and to clarify, there is no doubt it was a 1-2 right leg kick. jab cross blammo. rinse and repeat

many many other guys like to finish with the opposite kick as the last punch but i find that awkward (i find most of all muay thai awkward because i am awkward). i like finishing through with the momentum.