Hardy Vs the Boa Constrictor at 270

Feels like a loser leaves town match, no?

Oleynik has had a pretty incredible career, with only 16 losses in 76 pro fights, but is 44 and has lost 3 in a row.

Hardy has lost two in a row and I just noticed that none of the guys he did beat are still in the UFC.

I’d love to see Hardy choked unconscious and then wake up and do a Covington style run/cry out of the arena and out of the UFC. Even if that doesn’t happen, I think the Oleynik is too savvy for the woman beater and gets the sub.

I hope Hardy turns the old guys lights off. Oleinik is not fun to watch at all

Fuck Hardy.

Hopefully he loses fantastically.


I hope he pulls a Babalu on Hardy


Love Oleynik, but I think Hardy has too much explosiveness for him at his age

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Hardy will end this brutally. My parlay is on Gane, Fig and Hardy.

Can’t believe Fig is a 2-1 underdog he was clearly not himself in that last fight

Oleinik OUT!

Spivak IN!

Should be a more exciting fight and a bigger bye-bye beating for Hardy. I’m okay with this, just hope Oleinik isn’t dealing with anything serious.

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And now Hardy has dicktucked. Bitch.



New date who dis. Lol gotta keep it light even though I’m kinda sick about it. Putting on a show on the biggest card of the year was my 2022 dream and now i gotta wait. Sorry to all my fans and haters and to my opponent. I wanted this one bad I even took a short notice change with no ?. But. Gotta be pro about it right so back to the gym and back to the grind. KOs coming soon. Sorry​:pray:t4:but I shall return soon hopefully in a couple weeks :flushed::pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::love_you_gesture:t4::love_you_gesture:t4::love_you_gesture:t4::love_you_gesture:t4:ps this after I snapped it back in place from when I was pouting at myself lol

Snapped what into place?

What did he do there? Was he cutting onions or did he almost rip his finger off?