Harris BJJ Vermont Seminar Update

Roy Harris is considered to be one of the finest BJJ instructors in the world.  He is well known for his proficiency in leg locks, and his extremely crushing holddowns.

Mr. Harris was awarded his 2nd Degree Black belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu in 2001 by Professor Joe Moreira, and has studied over 20 different martial arts in depth, including Sambo, Judo, and other grappling arts.  He is also a Senior Instructor in JKD under Paul Vunak.

Roy has taught a variety of topics to thousands of individuals, including very successful MMA fighters, law enforcement, civilians, women's self-defense workshops, college clubs, military, and many many schools all over the world.

His many long-term students have included reknowned-instructor & BJJ Black Belt Michael Jen, MMA fighter and BJJ Brown Belt Matt Stansell, BJJ Brown Belt and successful school owner Kyle Saunders, among MANY others.

Make plans NOW to attend this seminar, if you would like to see, feel, and experience the finest in BJJ instruction on some very popular topics!!! 


SATURDAY is the LAST day for pre-registration discount!!