Harrison says Cyborg 'at the end of her career,' would 'dominate' Bellator champ in a fight

Do you think Harrison could dominate a 36 year old Cyborg in a fight?

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God no.

I can’t stand guyborg. Lifelong steroid abusing cheat who made a career beating up much smaller women who don’t cheat.

First time she faced a fair fight she got her shit pushed in.

That said, Harrison has never fought anybody and hee stand up is basic with little power.

Guyborg 1st round ko. Probably within 2 minutes.


I got Harrison.
Father Time catches up to all of us

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Ambiguous thread title is ambiguous. Change wording, add names, make clear which part of sentence is referring to which person.


I doubt she’d dominate. She hasn’t faced any real adversity. Cyborg was exposed by Nunes, but that was about it. She still wrecks 99% of the chicks she faces.

Cyborg is no slouch on the ground either. Would be a fun fight for however long it lasted.

Maybe one day when Kayla is more polished it could happen. It’s just hard to tell with her right now because she hasn’t had that OH SHIT moment yet where someone lands a bomb on her or she gasses out and has to persevere in an MMA fight. Her biggest challenge thus far has been deciding which way she wants to end her fights and when.

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I wonder why Cyborg is not in PFL. Seems like an easy mil for her.

she makes great money beating up soccer moms right now and using all the man juice she wants

Indeed. Sounds like she’s saying the aging Cyborg would dominate Bellator.

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Kayla prob wins but who knows. All I can say is she has to start stepping it up and fight better fighters. Tired of watching her crush cans