Has anyone flown with EASYJET?

What's the general drum with this mob ?

Anyone had any bad experiences?, what is check in like? is there much hassle involved?

They are so cheap! any hidden costs? excl taxes..


My sister uses it alot and says she loves it. Just bring a sandwich with you to eat on board.

They are often late, the seats are awful and you dont have booked seats, you have to pay for food and drinks, but at least they seem to be reliable in terms of maintenance and security, the flights are short so its ok for me, if you can spare the extra money, fly BA or other premium airlines, though! The biggest inconvenience is they have most flights from either Luton or Stansted, which are not very conveniently located and sometimes is another trip to the airport.

thanks for the responses,

i'll fly with them frankfurt-london, and see for myself .. cheers!

I've never had any problem with them, your standard low fares airline

I'll be flying wtih them the day after X mas from Berlin to Copenhagen, so I'll let ya know.