Has There Ever Been Good Advice Yelled From The Crowd?

We’ve all be there watching fights and hear someone in the crowd yell something stupid during a UFC.

“Knees knees knees!” when a guy isn’t in any position to throw knees happens a lot.

I got wondering about wether there’s been good advice yelled during a fight at something big like UFC or Bellator.

Not the small time shows

You hear good cornering from all over the crowd at those. Ha. I yell for guys I don’t know to dig underhooks or to remember to keep sticking in clinches all the time when I go to small shows around here.

Has the crowd ever yelled some good advice on tv that you can remember?


Just bleed!!

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Does Cormier coaching someone from ringside (think Bobby Green vs. Volkman) count?

Exactly what came to mind.

at the trashier events, theres always someone yelling “kick his ass, Seabass!”

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Saw a video of a dude yelling “grab his dick and twist it” and I thought that was pretty solid advice. My personal favorite from the local MMA scene was always the “Get up and punch him in the face!!” As the guy is being smothered on the bottom in side control.

When I was at Hendricks/Lawlor 2 one person gave the sage advice of “PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG” and “SWEEP THE LEG” at some point during the show. I would say both were good pieces of advice.

Just stand up and punch him in the face? Ohhhh you mean the “Derek Lewis”. For some guys that seems to be a very viable strategy.

Put 'im in a body bag!

Never has a first post nailed it harder than this.

I’ve heard people yelling “kick his ass”. Seems like pretty solid advice…

When they yelled “kick him in the dick”,Street Jesus literally opened up the fight with Till by kicking him right in the dick.

At one of the underground combat league events in NYC maybe 8-10 years back, Mike Straka was a guest commentator on the mic, as there was no recording or broadcast.

I was hanging with him and Jim Genia and a fighter was in position to finish an armbar but didn’t know how to apply the correct leverage. Mike started talking him through it, as a commentator, and the kid followed his directions word for word and finished the armbar. We were cracking up.

Something like “all he needs to do is to push his hips up a little and…” something like that.

“Twist his dick! The ol’ dick twist!”

“Step on his throat!”

“Go for those titties!”