Has this been discussed??

Why people want to Chuck to lose so bad? Is it because , he's been a champion so long ? Or , is it his "I can knock people out in the 1st round." invincible attitude that makes people want to see him lose. ( badly )

Personally, I like Chuck myself...I think he is an exciting fighter and say what you want, but he gets the job done. He finishes his fights, no question about that.

Great fighter, but I'm not a fan of his.

when someone wins alot they get alotta nutriders, those nutriders never shut up. many want people to lose to shut up the nutriders.


but i like chuck

Where's Vitor? I never saw their first fight...everyone says it was exciting. We need a striker , not a grappler. A re-match w/ Tito would be an exciting fight even though Tito's a ground n' pounder. I think Chuck's good , but he's def. not wearing a red cape.