Hate to say it: Hate Tyson's fights now...

Tyson Griffin is just NOT a fighter I enjoy watching now. He used to be.. but he has become a mediocre kickboxer who tries not to be on the mat, but doesn't often string together combos or go for a KO.
Like a sub par Frankie...

I thought it was a decent fight tbh

yeah that was a pretty exciting fight

Yeah,he does nothing for me either.

It's exciting because of who he fights IMO. If Manny had done the same thing he had, it wouldve been a fairly boring stand up with no KO IMO.

Agreed, he doesn't appear to have evolved a ton.

sigh, styles make fights. Tyson is an exciting fighter more often than not.

It's a tough sport. I'll always be a fan.

I just realized Tyson has finished only ONE person since 2006.

Cut the guy some slack...He was pretty much fighting to keep his job.He can't just swing carelessly and impress the fans at the risk of job stability.

I don't know. Look at Hardy, Lytle, etc....they are still with the UFC because the fans seem to enjoy their fights and they go for broke. I see what you're saying, but at the same time, when you never finish, you're more likely to get cut after a loss or two than if you are exciting.

I feel like this is the blueprint for every COuture fighter.

 Pretty hard to make you guys happy.


 Tyson is awesome.

Ligeia420: Yep, that was the only fight he's finished since 2006.

ZIPPY -  Pretty hard to make you guys happy.

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McLeod - Ligeia420: Yep, that was the only fight he's finished since 2006.

 lol so GSP ain't a fighter because he hasn't finished a fight in.....

I have started to dislike GSP's fights as well. And I never said Tyson wasn't a fighter. I said I have started to hate watching his fights now.
There is a BIG difference between admitting someone is a good MMA fighter (or one of the best in GSP's case) and enjoying their fights.