***Have a GREAT show DW & Lorenzo!!! Love, the UG

 UGers, they are SOOOOOOOO tired but very excited right now! Send them your love=)


Good luck! Hope it's a great show! Phone Post

Break a leg Lorenzo.....a Yakuza one to show them who's boss -

I can't wait!!! Phone Post

Signed! Phone Post

Best of luck to them.... Definitely looking forward to buying this event !!

 Rock out with your cock out Zuffa boys!

This is the ONE place I never thought you guys would be welcomed, great job breaking the barrier.

Good luck with the show.


7 fights starting with J Lau v Pettis, what a ppv. Cannot wait!

Good luck all involved. Phone Post



MUCH LUV!!!!!!!

This will be an amazing card.

hey blaf... facebook stream don't work. wanna get some peeps on it pronto????


 Gonna be great!!!


it's gonna be sweet! Phone Post

 must be tiresome being a millionaire 

Give them hell Zuffa.

Barry_BondsMVP -  must be tiresome being a millionaire 
Are you saying that Dana and Lorenzo don't bust their balls to entertain us and grow their company?

That's some Obama "they owe us" bullshit - get the fuck out of here with that -