Have you ever hurt someone while rolling?

I am asking this simply because in another thread I was reading a lot of injuries due to higher belts. I know lower belts can cause injuries often enough. So, for you that have been training over, lets say a year: Have you hurt someone?

I am approaching 15 years, and although I've choked people out, and people have unintentionally hurt themselves by trying to roll out of something and hurt their necks, or during a takedown, (etc... all accidental stuff), I've never actually hurt anyone.
I don't know why it's so common. I have hurt people in competition obviously as it's up tot hem to tap fast enough. But in class, Ive NEVER popped anyone's arm, ankle, etc as far as I know.

It just doesn't seem too difficult to avoid if you're not a dick trying to show the guy you're rolling with how bad ass you are.

Anyone else have a track record of never popping anything on someone?

I have not hurt any of my training partners intentionally.. Newer white belt are usually the ones who seem to get hurt the easiest it seems in my gym.. Not all but many have not broken the whole ego about tapping..

Besides that i hardly ever see anyone get injured during training Phone Post

Only in competition, not in practice.

Someone wouldn't tap to an armbar in competition and I popped his elbow a couple times. I felt bad but he was being stubborn anyway

I had a guy try to tangle legs with me and I sat up and he essentially heel hooked himself and dislocated his knee. That one was his own fault, so I felt less bad

Never hurt anyone in practice other than accidental bumps and collisions, there are a lot of people that have huge egos but breaking their arm in practice isn't a good way to deal with them Phone Post

yes but not in a long time and last time the guy had something weird with his arm.. it popped much earlier than it should of.. like it was still bent.

Never. Ever. 15 years of BJJ. Phone Post

 Never intentionally. Outside of the occasional headbutt and the like, only once. I was doing a half-guard back take and his knee got caught/stuck at a funny angle as I tried to pull him and his MCL went. I think it was his mcl. He was out like 3-4 months and I felt like shit. He was super nice about it though.

I'll give up a submission or position if I think they might hurt themselves.

Happened once when I had a Russian Armbar, and my partner tried to roll out of it... With his shoulder still trapped. He popped his own elbow.

Not worth the ego points haha I don't want anyone hurt so I have no problem letting go of chokes or joint locks.

Have put to sleep two people but I don't consider that hurting them

It also scares me when I know I have a guillotine and they try to take me down (from the knees) Phone Post

Good to hear people are letting go of stuff and just moving on.

I'm seeing way too many threads with people saying they hurt so and so in practice....

I wouldn't' be able to sleep well at night if I injured someone on purpose in training.

I have had a few guys injure themselves trying to stop sweeps and so on (e.g., posting their hands and twisting fingers). I've put some guys to sleep when I didn't think I was that close to choking them and they didn't tap. I did a cow hand and a toe hold too hard.

Each time I've felt really terrible because I messed up someone's training and even a few have missed training for several classes because of the injuries.

I've tried to learn from the experiences but it can be hard to avoid, especially if the other guy is spazzing and brings it on himself to a certain extent. In the future, I want to even avoid those cases as much as possible.

 Worst injuries aren't from submissions but takedowns and scrambles in my experience

I got 13 staples from coliding heads on a double leg

I tore my medial and lateral meniscus off a foot sweep

My training partner tore his acl basing out from an uchi mata I went for

Shit happens, rough sport

Outside of freak accidents, never.

Outside of maybe boring my upper level training partners to death,no. Phone Post

Guy I was rolling with broke his neck. C5 I think. He was turtled rolled forward on neck with my weight on his back. Freak accident. Broke a arm with a armbar, guy didn't tap. Broke a ankle with a toe hold, guy didn't tap. Never intentionally hurt anyone. In fact I'm super careful. People need to be more concerned with safety Phone Post

In judo, during radori when we supposed to finish with ne waza after throws...accidentally popped a partners elbow...feels bad man Phone Post

Trimmed my toenails yesterday and made a long, clean cut on my sparring partners nose.

I once tore my partner's ACL doing a low single leg while sparring. Felt terrible afterwards. Never really hurt anyone too bad outside of that in 16 years of training although I have chipped a few teeth by accident

I thought I hurt someone drilling tai otoshi (sp?) trips. That's a tough move on the knees. Turned out to be nothing. Phone Post

Jesus... Had guests from an affiliate drop by tonight.. I had a ten finger guillotine locked in from a snap down and the guy tried to shoot for a double. Phone Post

Tore a guys ACL from lock down. While he was out the doctors found a torn ligament in his shoulder from years of kimuras he didn't tap to. He had surgery on his shoulder and has decided against knee surgery. He was my main training partner do I've been out just as long as he has. We try to be easy on each other but it is a brutal sport. Phone Post