Have you guys seen Frank Fight?

renzo is on a 3 fight win streak now too against big names.pat miletich,carlos newton and frank shamrock*.

Just rewatched that fight.

Renzo was working an armbar combo every time he got side control. It must have been a very specific gameplan because he actually avoided going to full mount twice when passing Franks guard.

You see him stretching and working the far arm and forcing Frank to react.

The other thing that I noticed was that he was also trying to pin Franks close arm - but he only succeeded once at the end of the first round, when he began punching a defenceless Frank (too bad the buzzer went after three punches!)

So his gameplan was straightforward

1) Take Frank down

2) Control and maintain position

3) Go for submissions involving the opponents arm OR if the opportunity presents itself - trap the opponents protective arm and begin strikes.

Frank understood this and cheated so the win could be controversial. What a douche.

those knees were effective, this screams rematch

OK crack smoking spastic,

Besides Renzo imposing his game plan and actually winning in a contest between the two (the DQ being because Frank is a coward who cheated) let's look at the last three fights of these two shall we?

Renzo - Newton (win), Pat Militech (win), BJ Penn (loss)

F SHAMrock - Cesar Gracie (mma record of 0-0-0!) (win), Elvis Sinosic (mma record of 8-9-2!) (win), Bryan Pardoe (mma record of 11-9-0!) (win)

So how do you judge a figher spaz-boy? By how pretty they look in speedos or by how tough their opposition is and how willing they are to step up?


Just imagin how effective the knees would have been if Renzo was throwing them at Franks head... Oh wait - he didn't do that because they're illegal.

I judge a figher on fighting ability. Frank was on top of his game when he left and he never stopped training, just stopped competing.

Renzo has fought a lot of good fighters but never was he considered the best in MMA in any weight class.

Since you want to talk about records robby, Renzo had an impressive streak but of 10 str8 wins to start his career. His most notiable victories were against Mo Smith and Oleg. He then got his ass handed to him by Tamura, Saku and Hendo. He came back and beat an 0-2 fighter then loss another 3 times.

You mention he beat Newton, (BIG FUCKING DEAL, Newton in the last 5 years with medschool hasn't been the same).

Renzo beat Miletich who in the last year also sports a losing record.

Both good fighters but not in any ones top 10.

Now for Frank. He is a 185lber fighting heavyweights. His losses were to Bas Rutten twice, Funaki, Kondo, Kunioka (mr boring)

Since 1997 he has been 10-0 which is a testament to his improvement. He trained with BJJ pen and others to improve his game.

Just to make something CLEAR coming from the Renzo supporters...

Setting up submissions takes a lot of time at Renzo's level... so what does that say about anyone who can secure submissions in less than 10 minutes.. if you punch/knee or force your opponent to move in order to set up a submission, I believe that would show a lack of bjj tecnique, correct?

Did anyone notice how bad Frank actually looked fighting. It looked like a karate blackbelt versus's a bjj black belt.


You really are smoking the good stuff!

Sorry - who has Frank beaten again?

10-0 in the last ten years? That's really impressive... please tell me why in the last seven of those years he decides to fight c-level fighters?

Renzo lost to prime Sakuraba! - Shamrock would have lost to prime Sakuraba as well.

You're aware of the difference here right? Renzo actually FOUGHT Sakuraba!!!! Frank did not.

Just imagine how BADLY Frank would have been absolutely tooled by Sak. Jeremy Horn gave Shamrock fits before Gassing --- Sak would have submitted Frank ten different ways from Sunday.

But do you know why we'll never see the results of these kinds of contests? Because Frank didn't fight the tough fights back then.

His biggest tests were against a green Tito and Jeremy Horn. He then retires saying "There's nothing left for me" when everybody who has followed the sport will remember thinking "WTF are you smoking Frank! There are the unavenged losses to Bas, a (at that time) very scary Vitor Belfort, Silva, Henderson, Newton, etc etc.

So he was NEVER the best in ANY weight class because he...


End of story.