Hawaii MMA light weight reality show?

Is their a light weight MMA reality show being filmed here?

How would that be? Pretty cool to have an MMA reality show here, 'cause we got a lot of outdoor training opportunities from running, hiking to swimming.

Thats what i've heard!

It would be awsome

and it's for darn sure we got some GREAT light weights!

Can anyone hook me up with whoever is doing it?

See if I can weasel in some product placement.....

Na mean? gnome sane?

scot le roc - Thats what i've heard!

It would be awsome

 what do you know?

I know that someone is trying to film an MMA realty show. What do you know?


I guess it's all word of mouth. I heared it from Maui so someones being secretive... How dare thee

Possibly because it could go under before it starts, no one realy wants to hype it up if it aint gonna happen though. I guess we gotta wait and see.

But I wanna help promote, theirs gonna be some good guys comin' out of that show. I think Mark Oshiro would win the whole thing.