Hawaii's Top Strikers COLLIDE!!

Punishment In Paradise 4

Punishment In Paradise belts up for grabs as Hawaii's top strikers COLLIDE July 2.04

Tickets On Sale NOW @808 Fight Factory, Advanced Kempo and get them straight from the promoter at second2none@hawaii.rr.com or 330-4483


Cruiserweight Kickboxing Championship
205lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Mike Malone (Eastsidaz) Vs. Andre Washington (Team Thunda)

Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship
179.lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Tommy Pestana (808 Fight Factory) Vs. Kaleo Padilla (Westbrook Boxing, Kodan Kon)

Super Middleweight Kickboxing Championships
172lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Wayne Perrin III (Team Bigdogs) Vs. Deshawn Johnson (HMC)


Middleweight Kickboxing Championships
165lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Dain Agbayani (808 F.F.) Vs. PJ Dean (Bad Intentions)

Super Lightweight Kickboxing Championship
137lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Domi "Dominator' Lopes ( Team Bigdogs) Vs. Steven Tandal (Waimanalo Kickboxing)

Lightweight Kickboxing Championships
132LBS 3x2 Minute Rounds
Gerald Orvalio (808 Fight Factory) Vs. David Balicao (H.S.D.)

Super Welterweight Kickboxing #1 Contender Match
157lbs. 3x11/2 Minute Rounds
Tyson Coloma' Nahooikaika (M.F.C.F) Vs. Kaleo Koon (Eastsidaz)

147lbs. 3x11/2 Minute Rounds
Chris Coderio (Bad Intentions) Vs. Kaipo Gonzales (Eastsidaz)

Middleweight Kickboxing #1 Contender Match
165lbs.2x3 Minute Rounds
Ikaika (Eastsidaz) Vs. Frank Rebello (Advanced Kenpo)

Junior Heavyweight Kickboxing #1 Contender Match
100lbs. 3x1 Minute Rounds
Sage Yoshida (H.M.C.) Vs. Keola McKee (Wailuku Kickboxing, Maui)

Junior Bantamweight #1 Contender Match
60lbs. 3x1 Minute Rounds
Tristen Febria (E.B.F.C.) Vs. Abraham Reinhart (Wailuku Kickboxing, Maui)

1 minute rounds?

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I saw on a post with HMCWoverine and I told you to email me can you email your address and who should i make the money order to.


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Cheyenne "OH CAN HE PUNCH" Padeken will be in ACTION!!

Cheyenne is the bomb!