Hawian Martial Arts?

Can anyone out there asnwer some questions for me about this subject.Who brought BJJ to Hawai?Did it come from japanese jiujitsu the sameway it evolved in brazil?How long has been it around?Up until seeing BJ Penn I never knew how powerful Hawia was.I'm sure alot of people on this forum would agree?

Wasn't it Relson?

You're missing the other "I" in Hawaii and hawaiian.

Many top level black belts have been to hawaii, per capita hawaii has one of the largest mma followings in the world with japan coming in second and then the US and brasil,Considering the size of hawaii to the number of schools, bjj black belts and fans, hawaii is pretty much a mecca for anything mma related.

Isnt Hawaii apart of the USA?

I am a dumb Canadian so help me out!

Hawaii's been exposed to BJJ for quite some time...
In fact, the first PanAms were held here...

How long has it been in "Hawaii" for.Who was the first one to bring it to Hawaii. Was it brought over by Brazilans looking for a better life?

From Relson's website:

The 2nd oldest son of Helio Gracie, Relson Gracie moved to Hawaii in 1988. He began learning jiu-jitsu at 2 and entered his first competition at the tender age of 10! He was the Brazilian National Champion for 22 years straight, and during this period went undefeated. He became so popular that he attained the nickname "Campeao" or "Champion" among his friends and fans. Upon his arrival to Honolulu, it was with great pleasure that Relson introduced the art of Gracie Jiu-jitsu to the Aloha State. Now retired from competition, Relson continues to enjoy teaching classes in Hawaii and has become quite fond of the island life.

Thank you.I am a martial history nerd in a way.

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