HBO BOXING Good match tonight

i love boxing. but if it comes down to an mma event or a boxing event, i'm going with mma. the grappling and full range of striking allowed just makes it more dynamic to me.

great fight last night on hbo though. hope ortiz can recover from this bad pr.

Very good fight, I was pulling for the upset and was very happened when Ortiz quit

bismanfightclub - Back in the day I liked atari, space invaders rocked!  The video games now are WAY more entertaining, but sure every now and then it's fun to play one of the old games for nostalgia, but I am not going to spend all night playing space invaders & defender anymore.

 Is that the best you could do!?

Lol! I'll keep this good natured and say that I enjoyed watching Pascal vs Diaconu fight on Versus last week which was a thrilling TWELVE round fight at the Bell Centre (amazing crowd!!!) in which Pascal dropped Diaconu and took his WBC title but not before Diaconu had Pascal in trouble in the late rounds, including the 11th and 12th rounds. Id much rather watch a display of skill and stamina for 12 rds, as opposed to guys who get winded and sloppy after a round and a half.

Thats just me though =)

PS, Im a fan of both but realistic. There was another forum member which shall remain nameless that swore up and down that Machida would be able to hang with Mayweather in a boxing match because of Machida's size, "speed" and "rudimentary boxing" skills which he's acquired through the years. I guess Floyd isnt used to fighting fast guys (LMAO!!!!) and surely Machida was going to show Floyd something new (that Floyd's never seen, in his 25 yrs of boxing)

^^^ the bodybag has spoken

thought of our old pal from New Orleans today when I saw the Vinny P Haugen fight

imagine if you wanted to be a boxer and you have Oscar and Sugar Shane helping you........

and you go and say some stuff like that

Ortiz did the "no mas" wave-off but actually the doctor stopped the fight not Ortiz. But it was obvious he didn't want to fight anymore and helped the doctor make his decision.