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TTT for Bill Boland and Rob McDonald!!

I am stoked for this event, though for some reason when I click through to your site not all the pics come up yet.

Fixed, the pics dont open up in firefox, but they open in IE.

Go Sarah!


go sarah, bill and nino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

war mr schembri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats bill and nino!!!

ttt for results

Antonio Schembri def. Dan Grandmaison by Submission (Armbar) at 2:37 of the 1st round

Rodrigo Huas def. Marcus Vinicios by Submission (Choke - Tap Out) at 0:52 of the 3rd round

Bill Boland def. Michael Hamrsmid by TKO at 2:29 of the 2nd round

Jameel Massouh def. Myles Merola by Unanimous decision

Dan Hornbuckle def. Andrew Buckland by Submission (Armbar) at 3:34 of the 1st round

Brent Beauparlant def. Amir Rahnavardi by Unanimous decision

Nabil Khatib def. Gideon Ray by Unanimous decision

Hector Ramirez def. Rob MacDonald by Unanimous decision

Sarah Kaufman def. Molly Helsel 2.44 Round 2 by TKO

David Loiseau def. Todd Gouwenberg by unanimous decision

thanks for the results fanatic did loiseau dominate or did he do just enough to win what was his performance like?

Yes Billy!!!!!!

I am so very proud of you!


Crow was great, dominated

good shit hope this is a sign of a big turn around

I'd say the Crow was pretty dominant. Solid takedowns and good powerful strikes during the ground and pound.

gratz to louiseau on such a good performance ... he had said in some interviews that he was going to try and do things differently, I'm curious - any new tactics/gameplan in the cage?

How were the other fights? Any PBP? Merolas fights are always entertaining.

Can't see the HCF pics on the site. I am challenged?

Just not finish to classified all the pics yet. We shot more then 4 thousands pics this weekend.

Post fight interviews are already available : Beauparlant, Loiseau Khatib, Bowland, Ramirez


Picture are all availables : http://www.ultimefanatic.com/modules/smartsection/category.php?categoryid=544

Check for Loiseau's pics, they're awesome. He seemed to fly during all the fight lolll

Also, we fixed the Firefox problem.