hCG Diet

OK, so I'm back looking for advice from the Forum about the hCG Diet (from a Dr. Pascual). I have a couple friends who are on the diet, and every time I've seen them over the past month they are noticable thinner than the last time I saw them.

The folks who advise you on the diet advise against training during the diet because they say it will make your body cling on to fat more (seems like the opposite of what I've heard before).

Does anyone know about this diet, or have any personal experience with it?

it's impossible.

sure if you eat about 500 calories per day of extremely healthy food and shoot hcg every morning...you'll lose weight.

have you ever tried to eat only 500 calories / day?

I don't disagree . . . and normally would just write the thing off as one of the latest diet fads. But the weight these guys are losing is ridiculous, which motivated me to come here and ask. I find this Forum typically has some pretty solid information regarding nutrition/supplements/etc.

Aren't they typically on a 1000 calorie a day diet?

Stupid diet who wouldn't lose weight eating 500 calories per day. It's very un health way to lose weight.

It's for extremely overweight people. If you try to workout & restrict yourself to 500 calories a day. You'll go mad & put your body in a survival mode.

Roids and cardio would indeed be better provided you watched your calories.

I'm not saying it doesn't work...it does work. It just takes incredible discipline. Perhaps more than I have (I admit I tried it).

 You'll get the same results by having someone kick you in the balls every morning while consuming only 500 calories a day.  This way you save the money you'd spend on hcg.