"He is Grabbing the Fence, REF!!!"

I haven't noticed Keith yelling this when Kenny has grabbed the fence, numerous times before.  I found that interesting...

Plus it didn't seem like Jose was benefiting from touching/grabbing the fence, like stopping a TD or whatever.

He might have told him after the fight, I'm not sure.  All I know is he wasn't yelling it, for that I would remember.

Keith "Nails on a Chalkboard" Florian

Few cornermen are so ... noticeable.

I enjoy Keith's calm demeanor.

Nuckin Futs - I enjoy Keith's calm demeanor.


Would Kenny yell so loud if Keith was fighting? 

Normally it bugs be when corner men start yelling at the ref about shit instead of cornering their fighter.. but in this chase, telling the ref stuff is the only thing that Keith should be doing.

Let Kenny's coaches who actually know something give him instructions during the fight. Keith reminds me of my mom when I used to play hockey... very passionate, but doesn't know shit about what they are talking about.