He really did take over



Article from February of 2013. Cool to see it in hindsight. As someone who hasn't rooted for McGregor since the Brandao fight, at this point I need to just sit back and accept what I've witnessed.  

We're witnessing sport greatness right now. Phone Post 3.0

i almost always root against him but accept it. maybe ill root for him when he fights someone i dont like...honestly im not a huge eddie fan and didnt care who won and im glad he did just to see that great post fight speech. hope he fights khabib or ferguson next, though i wont be rooting for him in either of those fights. he definitely has "taken over" too bad he got finished this year and was gifted a title shot against the least deserving champion we have seen at the lightweight division. but i like him. id like to see someone like 2011 benson henderson fight him...long range, athletic, good chin and crazy pace...beat the hell out of a game nate diaz. he has mostly gone to hell but if i had a time machine thats the fight id want to see at 155


Can't deny he's going down in the all time great athletes talk Phone Post 3.0