He Said, He Said pulled from Spike

Looks like Spike's "He Said, He Said" has been pulled since Bonnar tested positive for steroids. Damn...I'm beginning to really wonder now if the UFC will give him a second chance. But they let Sylvia back in...so you never know...

Looks like they don't want his face on anything related to UFC

It's definitely not looking good for Bonnar. I kind of feel sorry for the guy...even though he did bring it on himself.

Probably the excuse they wanted to drop a guy who had the "six figure contract" and wasn't doing so great in his last several fights.

Yeah Bonnar fucked up bad. Very poor choice. I mean do steriods make that much of a difference that people will risk careers on it?

PR, ask Barry Bonds ;)

Barry Bonds never tested positive.

"Probably the excuse they wanted to drop a guy who had the "six figure contract" and wasn't doing so great in his last several fights."

That contract is a joke. The UFC definitely isnt worried about coming up with reasons to drop a guy that has a six figure contract. They need to give the winners of the show a six figure prize plus a contract because that contract by itself is an insult to pro fighters.

I looked at "he said"....and thought to myself......help, I guess these two guys are criquiting me, I was in this bussiness beofre they where jerking off to the sears catalogue. Now they are saying what is wrong and right with Me.......get the fu*k outta here.....Now Bonnar gets popped....F8ck him, they need to do to him what they do to everyone else, and dont just sweep it under the rug


You take thet back Mikey no one else in the UFC has ever done ROIDS!!!


i'm sure we'll see Bonnar on TUF 8:THE COMEBACK II


Mikey, I have a feeling that the UFC is going to make an example out of Bonnar. They almost have to, imo, because he was kind of a big name to the newer fans and I don't think ZUFFA wants to tarnish their newfound popularity.

LColson just titty fucked the correct.

i guess thats what preasure does

That plus his last showing against Forest was Bonner running away all night, I was LMAO while they were trying to play it off as if thta fight was anywhere close to the first fight.

First fight = two hungry fighters looking for a contract.

Second fight = one hungry fighter and one fighter trying not to get eaten.

healthy sports end where competitive sports begin

Jerked off to Sears catalog

Forrest didn't look too hungry in the rematch.