He stiff arms my hips

Just a short question:

I think I just found out how one of my physically strongest partners has been shutting down my guard game a bit. In addition to being much stronger than me (MUCH), he also has several months training experience.

This guy is simply pushing on my hips with stiff arms (with both arms), both from the closed and butterfly guard.

I'm guessing that my solution would be more hip movement and better pummeling.

That way, my hips won't be a stationary target and his pushing leverage will be lessened or killed (this is no-gi BJJ, by the way). But maybe you guys have something to add?


How bout either trying to use wrist control on him or placing both of your hands directly behind his elbows and pulling in. While during this move your hips side to side to releave the pressure enough to get an under or over hook.

Later, Brad

Yeah, I know about those moves. I probably don't do them as often as I should.

"While during this move your hips side to side "

Are you talking about using a closed guard or open?

If they are doing this to me I either pull the elbows or work a 2 on 1.

gwt stronger. It will only help.

From your butterfly guard you should just arm drag him. That's not a good move for him to do from the butterfly guard.

From closed guard, you should definitely move your hips side to side. When your hips are flat, then he has a flat table to put his hands on. If your hips are moving, with one side up and the other side down, then switching back the other way, he's like a sailor trying to stay standing on a ship in a hurricane. Now as you do this, just use your hand to push his hand off your body very easily, like a big wave knocking the sailor off the ship.

This is very similar to when someone has knee on stomach on you, let's say on your right side. If you turn on your right side, and scoot your hips to your left, there's no way they can keep knee on stomach on you because your stomach is totally sideways.

So at the moment when your hips are most tilted one up one down, you should knock his hand off to the down side, and then either overhook it or put your shin in his bicep to prevent him resetting it.

On Monday I got wristlocked doing this. I posted my hand hard on my
opponent's hip, he grabbed my arm behind the elbow with one hand,
controlled my wrist with the other, and raised his hip. By the time I
realised I was in danger, it was too late - my wrist was bent and my
hand locked into place. I feckin hate wrist-locks.

Brad is correct