He TRANE's UFC brah!

 Next UFC LW champion of the world brah!


Obviously a middle school drop out Phone Post

He's gonna defend some titties Phone Post

I can't really read the text, but I'll take a guess from the picture. He wants to fight the UFC belt in a park under a JMMA promotion? Phone Post

 He said that's his gold to win the tittle n defend it with his life

Not sure how people can be serious like this, lol.

Every man needs golds

What's his screen name on here? Get that man his green Phone Post

I tell my kids all the time, golds are extremely important. Phone Post

1911Bob - Lol he looks like the kid at Gold's I saw the other day lifting with UFC gloves. Phone Post

Lol I've seen people doing that in my gym! Complete and utter morans! Phone Post

What a gold digger

What is the source of this picture?

MDF tm - i think mont positin is hardest of all of them in figth to do escape but maybe not maybe if guy has on top with head nuzzle into you bossum and stomach on the face too pleas post more picture of hard UFC position to get escape thanks I'm advice Phone Post

Exactly! This guy gets it! Phone Post

Chimonos Revenge - What is the source of this picture?

This picture popped up on my newsfeed and i lol'd. 

Crunchy Mojo - i like his stache

me too. he looks like he works in the fast food industry.

Cecil Peoples scores it 30-27 for spelling and grammar Phone Post


Chimonos Revenge - What a gold digger

It's goal digger you moran

Chase your dreams golds.