Head butts and triangles in a fight

Just a fight at the park.

Gentlemanly enough Phone Post 3.0

reminds me of jordans only fight

How fights should end Phone Post 3.0

Like a sir. Phone Post 3.0

Baek Doo San - Why did the video cut out before 5 black guys came along and start kicking the loser in the head?
The video quality also didn't allow you to see all the gravel, glass and used hypodermic needles hidden in the grass.

Poor triangle guy won the fight only to contract the bad aids rolling around on the ground like that. Shame. Phone Post 3.0

Also, thankfully for the guy on the bottom, that he got to fight the rare opponent who wasn't a D1 wrestler with extensive Muai Thai training, as we all know know, those guys are a dime a dozen in the streets.

For regular fight, get up and shake hands. For the headbutts, put him to sleep and then racoon him.