Headed out to san antonio

For my birthday this weekend, sorry I have to mid xfl. Good luck Myron Dennis yay! Hope there is a show down there I can go watch. Phone Post

F San Antonio.

They are stealing our Tulsa Talons

Have fun, man. Try not to come back with too many new tattoos or new wives. Phone Post

Larry has already admitted that he is leaving Oklahoma for greener pastures. Phone Post

Yes turd, I will be living in san Antonio but still matchmaking and promoting shows in Oklahoma. Okc is my home and always will be. I never "used to live" anywhere. This move us temporary Phone Post

And thanks pill, I don't think I will get any of either. My wife don't like girls and refuses to share me. And just not that into tattoos to have to pay for them. Lol! Phone Post

But moving from Oklahoma to Texas is unforgivable. If the people here have any loyalty they will disown you IMO. Phone Post

 I get all my tattoos for free. Paying for them is for suckers.

Good luck Larry! Phone Post

 good riddance imo!!!!

Shut up shibby, or I'm calling my friends in new Orleans. Im thinking it's time for you Yo get a title shot and a rematch. Phone Post

 lol i deserve one! i hear he's really green! and a chump in the gym?

hes just got lucky to this point?

No. After seeing him in action twice I will say he's really good. Phone Post