Heart Rate Level

What heart level do you recommend to go for when training for a match given that you already in pretty good shape and looking for some improved stamina. I heard 165 is good. Do you even recommend checking your heart rate. Or do you recommend another method to get into fighting shape. Thx for the help



If I may add a variation to Scott's excellent (and grueling) training methods. ;-)

Do the same exercise above, but come back to your RHR between EACH bout (Don't just sit, cool down of course. This will avoid vaso-dilation) It should take about 3-5 minutes as your conditioning improves.

What this kind of training stresses is "Heart Rate Variability" (HRV). Such a workout mimics the true nature of anxiety producing events...there is no "warm-up". Our bodies deal with this kind of stress be it external exertion (attack, sport, argument) or internal (emotions, illness, injury).

Climatizing oneself to this kind of training along with the outline above, will not only enhance your game, but most likey improve immunonological function, promoting overall healh as well. This same concept can be done in almost any training arena.

Happy training!

David Lepp

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As your moniker claims you for lasting trials and tribulations, I'd love to add a thought. I'm a confessed HR monitor junkie, and have used it as a wonderful tool for learning to develop 'feel' with my body's/mind's acclimatization to stress. I have used it as a tool for increasing composure, awareness of 'output', and for the realization that the body is a tool to be wielded by my will.

I have found the use of visualization during training, either 'live' with a partner or solo to be immensely educational. My coach (Tony Blauer) constantly reminds me that 'the mind navigates the body'. This is a wonderful example. I've used the focus of my wife and children to push me past levels of pain and fatigue I felt I would succumb to (VERY high HR). I've used visions of calm reassurance from my coach/trainer to navigate release from situations that seemed 'physically' impassable (HR lowered through 'will' and focus). It has been a great tool for me to help my mind train my body and vice versa.

The drills that Scott and David shared will be of tremendous value IF you integrate them into your training! Don't let them be words on a screen. Pay your respect through personal effort. I know I will. I'll meet you back here with your results.

God Bless and Play Safe,



"...integrate them into your training! Don't let them be words on a screen."

How true and easily overlooked as we spend so much time behind desks & infront of monitors! You rock bro!

Great talking with you the other day!

Happy training,


Yeah I do alot of training and alot of sparring since im a amateur muay thai fighter. I want to get more precise with my traing to get better results, that just sparring 8 to 10 rounds. And you guys sure gave up some good info. And as soon as i can absorb all of it , I should be good to go.:) Thx for all the help


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I broke down and purchased that breathing tape off the website.I think its called Dakphine or something. what type of results can be had.Is it an arduious undertaken


Here are my results based upon your suggested w/o. I noted the 'output' level on the exercise machine I was using so you could see 'force output' as well as 'fuel efficiency'.

...The 'Test Drive':

Resting Heart Rate (RHR): 52

Active Heart Rate (AHR): 148 (2min at Level 5.5 on machine)

1.148-157 (2min continuing at 6.0 attempt to elevate HR by AHR + 30)

2.157-165 (2min continuing at 6.0 attempt to elevate HR by AHR + 20)

3.165-163 (2min continuing at 6.0 attempt to lower to AHR + 10)

4.13sec cool down = HR 163-155

5.155-154 (2min at 5.5 attempt to lower to AHR)

6.22sec cool down = HR 139

7.139-151 (2min at 5.0 attempt to lower to AHR –10)

8.25sec cool down = HR 137

9.137-152 (2min at 5.0 attempt to lower to AHR – 20)

10.39sec cool down = HR 128

I felt very relaxed and refreshed following the session. It was interesting to feel subtle changes as my body began to 'find more desirable patterns of performance and remove the 'friction' offered by unnecessary tension." All-in-all some good feedback.

Just trying to demonstrate what Coach Blauer always says, "Real results require real work" and as my Trainer Tom Campbell says, "Just grow some balls and DO IT!"

Thanks for the workout.