Heavy Bag

Who makes the best heavy bag for Muay Thai? I am looking to upgrade my existing bag (TKO, piece of shit).

I was looking for the Twins bag but cannot find a link that sells it. I have found Twins products but not the 70 pound heavy bag. Can somebody help?

Also, what bag is the best?

Try twinsthaiboxing.com or even thaiboxinggear.com Alternatively, we have both the Twins and the Fairtex bags at our gym, and they are virtually identical. What I do like better about the Fairtex bag is you have nylon straps which reduce noise significantly compared to the chains. Just a consideration if you are hanging it at home.

If your looking for a good all around mult-purpose bag I would look into purchasing a big pole bag, they can be found at either fairtex or Air Monkey. You can get them filled (recommended) or unfilled.

Or if your just looking for a good bannana bag I would recommend those 2 as well and even ringside.

Hope that Helps!

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