Heavyweight Gladiator results?


who won the 8 man?




your not talking about the tourney that was suppose to happen in Tulsa but got pushed out to dec. 11th, are ya? I can tell ya who is gonna win that one..

there was a heavyweightgladiator kickboxing show in Miluakee this weekend that was won by mike sheppard


Reserve Match
Ben Rothwell won by 1s round TKO Vs Doug Sauer

Quarter Final Match #1
Horace Craft won by 1st Round KO Vs Harold Johnson (Johnson replaced Raul Romero who cancelled out the night before at 10:30pm)

Quarter Final #2
Bryce Franck won by 1st Round TKO Vs Mark Miller

Quarter Final #3
Mike Sheppard won by DQ Vs Andre Walker low blows

Quarter Final #4
Scott Lighty won by U Dec Vs John Castle

Semi-Final #1
Horace Craft won by DQ Vs Andre Walker (Franck hurt his shin & Rothwell damage his hand. They both could not continue. Walker was inserted under the K1 survivor rule.)

Semi-Final #2
Mike Sheppard won by 2nd Round KO vs Scott Lighty

Mike Sheppard won by 2nd Round TKO vs Horace Craft.

Congrats to all the fighters! The wild ride of tournaments. Anything can happen! Great event guys.

Our next event is Feb. 12 "King of the Gladiators III" in Milwaukee. "Lightning" Mike Sheppard has confirmed he will be fighting to make it 2 in a row.

Please contact me if you are interested in being on the event. dukeroufus@sbcglobal.net

It was one of the best run events that I have ever sponsored.

In the future I will be at all of Duke Rufused events.


I also took a little video of the event that will be submitted to Johnny Walls and Aggression TV!