Heckler Jones is here

Hilarious UFC called this guy to save 300 and headline vs Stipe…

He is either out of his mind on pills or blackout drunk

Possibly both


Beavis And Butthead Comedy GIF by Paramount+

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lol. Jones going into Shia LaBeouf mode. Just randomly causing mischievous goofball trouble while fucked up.

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that’s the demon rum

drunk trailer park boys GIF

Lines Coke GIF

the guys comes from a family of crazies. he’s not right. it also makes him one of the scariest people on the earth


he talks like he’s very gay.

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his awareness that he can hurt anyone he wants to is the spine that supports his behaviour here. pretty disgusting imo.


Anyone that look like never trained or significant smaller

“Anyone that look like never trained or significant smaller”

You type drunker than Jones in that clip.


Jon sounds fucking bad….

Just randomly thought this is also the second time he was intoxicated and tried pulling the race card.

When that whole situation with his wife went down, i just remembered when the cops had him cuffed he was trying to call them racist and the only soecific quote i remember is him saying “A black man can’t have a drink?!”

Gonna have to go back and watch it again, but hes pulled ot out multiple times now.

Did he say he wants a good wife? Dude’s been engaged for over a decade lol.

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Is it really him?

Jon Jones has been engaged almost as long as they’ve been saying they’re going to announce the main event for UFC 300.

he made a teary fuss when she left. did she fuckin go back to him??

“Jesus made me do this” - Jon Jones

Also, drunk Jon sure liked talking about fingers in buttholes

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Just saw this on facebook, thought he had a pectoral tear lol?

We’ve been “fooled” again fellas. Knew he was full of it.

Best part is that he said something like he respects the craft of comedy, but nobody has been funny so far. Very slurry speech there.