Heel Hooks in Advanced Grappling?

I am looking for feedback on whether athletes want heel hooks to be allowed in  the Advanced Divisions of grappling events.

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Slight digression, I was just told there are classes in Toronto where 16 year old kids are allowed to come into an MMA class and attempt these on their opponents. Given that I know at least 10 people who have been injured badly because of this move by retards/poor screening, I have my claws seriously sharpened in the event of this happening to anyone I care about.

In competition, perhaps at the advanced level but the ref has to very attentive and both competitors made to understood that injurying someone with one just to get a win is seriously frowned upon.

canadian jiu-jitsu association rules do not permit any heel hooks due to the staggering number of injuries. Actually.... Insurance regulations do not permit heel hooks as per recommendations and if tournament promoters do not follow the rules and accept the sanctioning rules, they maybe held liable.

It's a dangerous move. Should be allowed in MMA, pro grappling, and perhaps advanced no gi grappling. I don't see any point in allowing heel hooks in advanced gi grappling, as they are not permitted at the highest levels of BBJ competition.

Magnus is right as well: Instructors do need to keep an eye on their students and "screen" who is doing heel hooks. I have been caught before, and the only reason in some cases that I didn't get a torn MCL was that my training partner was mature enough to give me the look, and let go of the hold.

The risk vs reward just isn't worth it. If you are in position for a heel hook you can get an achilles or a toe hold. I think they are fine for MMA or pro grappling, but if you aren't getting paid it just seems totally unnecessary.

My vote is no and this is coming from someone who really likes leg and ankle locks.


Ronin MMA

I was watching a fight at BCIT, the first year toe holds were allowed. Watched a guy get his foot popped loose, just hanging there because he didn't tap fast enough. I know its different than a heel hook but it kind of put me against twisting locks in a sport enviorment.

I have had both ankles popped from toe-holds. Not fun but in both cases I was not off for any significant amount of time. Heel hooks are much more permanent.


John, I would say that if someone knows how to use a heelhook properly, he probably knows footlocks too. You might as well let him practise the later one, since they are a lot safer.

Xader is correct.

I've had my knee blown due to a heel hook, and I know it's a long road back, where toe holds seem to be easier to recover from. I wouldn't want to fight in a tourny with heelhooks knowing that my knees are at stake, especially since I compete for fun, and not for money. MMA is a different story though.

I agree , no heelhooks, I would'nt even want to be a referee if they were allowed.

I agree with Supadave!! No heelhooks. Only allowed it it's in the pro division, or super fights with Browns and Black belts.

I appreciate the feedback guys. I am going to be banning heel hooks in all divisions for our upcoming May 27th event. Hopefully the last-minute rule change doesn't upset anyone.

Thanks for your honest opinions!

There is a Canadian jiu-jitsu association?