heel pain/ plantar fasciitis

I recently got my fat ass back to the gym and everything has been going really well until recently. I have really bad shooting pains in both of my heels. I did a little internet research and it sounds like plantar fasciitis.

I would like to keep going to the gym but my feet are in constant pain and I don't want to injure them any worse than they are. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions to help treat it?


First off, take it very seriously. I used to know someone had it badly, and they would go through months on end of not being able to do much walking and being in constant pain. Their doctor told them that when the plantar is damaged to any serious extent, it basically won't heal or at least it heals very, very slowly.

I've only had it mildly, running being the main cause I think. I found that replacing my running shoes with proper running shoes helped A LOT. Stretching it also helped a great deal. There are a number of stretches you can do for it which can be found via google.

BTW within a few months or good shoes and stretching, mine went away. Just catch it early.

thanks, I will try it

Unfortunately I have had LOTS of experience with it.

The pain getting out of bed was so severe i had to crawl to the bathroom, there is a name for that they call "first morning step syndrome".

The key is to loosen up the tendon in the bottom of the foot so it doesn't press against the bone spur.

To be able to walk in the mornings, i started tracing the ABC's with my feet before getting up (this works) fairly well.

The biggest thing i did to stop the pain was buy shoe supports called "POWER STEP", they basically keep constant pressure on the tendon to stretch it out, i also did lots of stretchs many times during the day by standing with my toes on stairs and dropping my heals as low as possible.
That combination literially stopped the pain cold, i went from barely being able to walk to completely pain free fairly quickly.

thanks a lot

Don't forget ice.  Especially before bedtime.  Something to also help with the first steps in the morning are to keep a towel near your bed.  When you wake up, use it to stretch your feet before getting up.  Also, rolling your feet over a can seems to help with this too, right before you take a step.

Here's an old thread that helped me out a lot.


I have had it on and off for 3 years. Right now i have it bad again in my feet. Take care of it early. I have to stand and walk 12 hour shifts in the hospital and that kills my feet. Do good stretching in the am, i use a towel so i can at least walk. I also change shoes often. I stick to New balance...they seem to be the best for me.