Helio Soneca Belt Promotions

Soneca awarded new belts last night. Lots of our guys had these belts coming for a long time but nobody more than Casey Oxendine.

Congratulations to all my teammates

Casey Oxendine Brown Belt

Terry Chandler Purple Belt

Chris F.(not even going to butcher his name) Purple Belt

James Williams Blue Belt

Reed Denny Blue Belt

JR Blue Belt

Peymon Dakari Blue Belt


Congratulations to Casey Oxendine and your team.


Mike C

How are things going with you man?

When did you get your Black belt?



Gracie Barra Orlando

That is awesome news!! Congrats on the promotions to all the Barra guys! and a huge congrats to Casey!

Congratulations to casey oxendine.
A promotion that was LONG OVERDUE!


Congrats to Casey from Team Ground Zero / Columbus!!!

Dustin Ware

Congrats Casey! Brandon have you gotten your purple yet? You should be LONG overdue!

suck a dick BRANDON....................

congrats to casey
tim stout

Yeah i got my purple end of January.

congrats on that!

Brandon, I have an opportunity for you on my upcoming card, "Courage Fighting Championships" July 24th in Decatur, Illinois. My email is sfcchamp135@aol.com and my academy number is 217-429-2269


I'll give you a call or drop you a email if I dont reach you.



Thanks to everyone for all of your kind words. Thanks especially to Soneca for taking my game to the next level. You are the best. Casey


Tell Soneca we said "hi".


Casca Grossa


For all your fight needs!