Helio Soneca seminar this Fri at BAJJI/Alliance PA

Short notice but Helio Soneca will be in town (Downingtown, PA) this Friday so we are having a seminar from 6:30-8:30pm at BAJJI/Alliance PA (directions are on our website www.bajji.com). It will be $40. For more info on Soneca (http://www.heliosoneca.com/about_soneca.php)


 ttt for Soneca!

The seminar will be gi. We have open mat starting at 5:30pm so if anyone is planning on coming feel free to come by early and roll.


 Sonceca will be at our place on Saturday. I will be bringing him to your academy on Friday. Is this the correct address:    267 South Whitford Road, Exton Pa.



Yeah, that's it.

 O.K. You are about an hour from us, we're in Trevose, Pa. He'll be teaching 4 hours at our place on Sat. 2 hours No Gi, 2 hours gi. www.wingsmartialarts.com   I'll see you friday.


Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

TTT for tonight.

Soneca is the $hit!

 Went to a Seneca Seminar at Simrell's in Scranton couple of years ago. Amazing guy. So small it's almost funny yet he can control ANYONE on the ground effortlessly. Highly reccomend anyone in the area attend.

A little free advice. Don't joke around with your partner during the seminar. He yells at you and calls you a little girl. Very embarassing!

Good luck with the seminar guys.


"He yells at you and calls you a little girl. Very embarassing!"

I have been training under him for a few years. I have never seen him do that. He usually just picks on me.

Go to the seminar and you won't regret it!

Great seminar as usual. Thanks to wingsmma for taking the time to drive him. If you guys ever feel like coming by to train with some different faces you're always welcome.