Hello everyone....


It's been a busy two months. Time has gone by SO FAST! Plus, I have a neck injury that put me out of commission for a couple of weeks. It still nags me so I have stopped teaching private lessons. Man, that hurts!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone.

I'll answer questions again soon,

Roy Harris

May 24, 2007

Hope you feel better soon Roy. Neck injuries are the worst.

Feel better Mr. Harris. I hope that it's not serious.


If you have time to give us a cautoinary tale - how did the neck injury occur? And do you usually just rest & ice these, or do you go for professional help?



Unfortunately, I have no war story to share. This injury happened courtesy of SLEEPING! Ah-yep! I woke up one morning with a stiff neck and shoulder and then everything went down hill from there.

The frustrating thing is I cannot do much with this injury (other than bark out orders in class). So, my golf game is going down hill quickly. My private lesson schedule has been cancelled. My new instructional videos are not being filmed. And so many other projects have been put on hold because of this thing. It's killin' me : (

Roy Harris

get well soon

I heard a stand-up comedian one time say -

"When I was young I could sleep 10 hours and wake up feeling great. Now I take a ten minute nap and the necks all kinked out."

As Bolo would probably encourage you - be patient and do it right.

God bless!

Roy, have you seen a chiro for this?

4 ranges,

I have been going to see Dr. Mark Cheng for this. He has helped me tremendously. He is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, and has performed Tui Na and Accupuncture on me, as well as performed vertebral manipulations!



No longer am I a firm believer in Western Medicine. While Western Medicine has a lot to offer, and while there are a bunch of physicians (and medical personnel) out there who still care, taking the time to find them is where the problem lies.

Plus, my perspective on Western Medicine is skewed. I have listened to the "stories" of numerous physicians, nurses and FNPs who have "practiced" medicine and I am not impressed. Add to this the fact that I personally got screwed by a hospital, and you can see how my perspective is skewed.

The treatment I have been receiving from Doctor Mark Cheng is far different from anything I have ever received in Western Medicine. Here are just a few examples of HOW different it really is:

  1. It was free of charge. When was the last time your doctor said, "The past three treatments are on the house?"

  2. The doctor took the time to explain to me what he thought the problem was. He also showed me where the problem was on a diagram, and then showed me how he was going to treat it. When was the last time any of you conversed with your doctor for 25-30 minutes (before he began his treatment)?

  3. The excruciating pain in my arm went away after one treatment.

  4. The doctor actually followed up his treatment with three personal phone calls to my home to ask how I was doing. When was the last time your doctor, not the secretary, called you at home and left a message?

  5. No medication of any kind was used or prescribed. All that was prescribed was "Rest, stretching and moist heat."

Could these same things happen in Western Medicine? I don't believe so. I think doctors in our country are too busy worrying about lawsuits and what insurance companies will say to actually accomplish all of the above.

Could Western Medicine help me? I believe it could. However, if Western Medicine were to recomend pills and an operation, I would be hesitant because I understand how our healthcare system works and I understand how the doctor making the recommendation should really excuse himself from such recommendations because he will be reimbursed for his referrals.

Now, if my problem gets worse, I will seek out a physician within my insurance plan and get an MRI. However, since I have been seeing and feeling improvement in my neck, back, shoulder and arm, I am not so sure I will be seeking out another physician.

With all of the options available to people, I think it is in everyone's best interest to seek out professionals from Eastern and Western Medicine. I believe both have something to offer everyone and anyone.

Which one is better? I don't think either is better. I just believe a person needs to try a few things and see if they work for them. If they don't after three or four tries, then it is obviously time for a change.

I tried Western Medicine - and was even a paramedic in the Air Force for eight years. So I understand Western Medicine fairly well. While I believe it has some elements that other methods do not have, I also know that Chinese Medicine has some elements that have helped me tremendously. And since the proof is in the pudding, since Chinese Medicine has helped me this time, I will continue with what has worked thus far. Should my problem worsen, I will have an MRI done to find out what's going on in my neck, back and shoulder.

Roy Harris


Maybe Bolo can help you with this problem. He has helped people with back problems before.

Thanks dany_my, but I already have a Doctor of Chinese Medicine working on me.


"...there are a bunch of physicians (and medical personnel) out there who still care, taking the time to find them is where the problem lies. "



FYI: I have been conversing with Bolo about MBF. We are in the beginning stages right now. I want to learn more about this methodology before giving it a try.