Help Cutting Weight!

For a jiu jitsu tourney I have 24 hours to loose 1.5 pounds. I know its not alot but any wrestlers want to help me out? I have cut weight before so I know what to expect I just need some advice.

Is this serious?

Stop drinking water and hit the sauna if you have to, 1.5 lbs shouldn't be that hard of a cut, unless you weigh like 80lbs.

Drop a deuce and trim your fingernails, imo.

R u kidding? take a nap and a piss and it will be gone

Look at the Chris Brennan forume, there's a thread called something like "have to lose 13 pounds in 12 days"

On the last, or second last page I made a summary of the thread with all the advice Chris gave


Don't eat after 6pm the night before, and go to sleep, you will float 2 pounds. Wake up, no food or drink before weigh-ins (or eating as your weight permits). Seriously, 1.5 lbs is nothing.

I have friends who have cut 1.5lbs 1hr before meets just by running and sweating a bit. your in good shape, just dont over eat and spen 1/2 hr in the sauna

you can lose 1.5 lb while sleeping.

More like 4 minutes in the sauna

sauna drains weight AND energy from you. Sleep drains weight AND gives you energy.

Be a man, throw in some skoal and get busy.

Skoal gives me heartburn, i like copenhagen long cut.

Don't eat too much between now and tomorrow. You'll drop at least 2lbs while you sleep. You want to be at least 4lbs over when you wake up tomorrow, and then go jogging in a rubber suit for an hour.

You could take a pee and spit in a cup and make weight an hour from now.

Don't listen to any of these a-holes. Find a guy on here that goes by the name GODZILLA. He'll set you straight.

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Great post Droc! here it is, you'll have to separate the paragraphs yourself:

Here's the condensed version. It's just taken from the posts by Chris and 1 or 2 others on this thread and edited a little. There are 1 or 2 things that I'm sure Chris will want to change.
Thanks a lot.
Cutting weight with a day before weigh in
Get to within 8-10 lbs/3-4Kg of of the weight with your diet, then cut the rest in water
2 weeks out
Cardio in the morning before eating, cardio in the evening after your last meal
Morning : ???? (Can you give an indication of what sort of Cardio you should do in the morning?)
Evening : 20 minutes on the treadmill before you sleep or if that isn't possible try 3X5 rounds of jump rope. Even the bike, just so you are burning calories after eating and making your body work before sleeping.
Sample Diet
Drink at least a gallon (4 litres) of water a day, always keep a bottle of water in your hand so that you're sure you're drinking at least a gallon.
Breakfast Oatmeal with half a banana and a scoop of whey. Water and a cup of green tea.
Snack Almonds/dates and some more water.
Lunch Usually a salad with grilled salmon or chicken (best to stick with chicken?).
Snack Maybe a ryvita cracker and some more almonds and some fruit.
Dinner (not after 6pm)
Chicken or fish, (chicken's generally better) with salad or rice. (Salad is lighter but Rice give's you more energy to train)
Flaxseed oil and 2-3 glasses of green tea before bed.
5 days out
Increase your water intake, drink 1.5 -2 gallons (6 to 8 litres) a day
24 hours before the weigh in
You put on Albolene, (You rub it all over your body, especially in your arm pits, you neck, and your ass crack, These are the places that heat up most.) and then the plastics. On top of that you should put on some sweats and sweatshirt. Sometimes I will put on a jacket on top. You will either jump rope, run, shadow box, or sit in a sauna and shadow box. I do 5 minute rounds for about 30 minutes. Sit around for the next 30 and let it pour out of you. You should lose about 3-4lbs every session.
Do one session right before you go to sleep the night before the weigh in. Another one when you wake up, and if need be one more about 1.5 hours before the weigh-ins.
Start to sip on Pedialyte until you finish one of the large bottles or a couple of the smaller ones. After weigh-ins I will slowly begin drinking for about 30 minutes and then start to eat a bit.
Eat some wheat bread to keep your stomach settled and then begin to start putting chicken, rice and pasta back in your body. Protein bars are ok as well and then EVERYTHING.Once you are sick to your stomach chill for a while until you lose about 5 pounds in the restroom (not really 5) and your stomach will relax.
You should be pounding the water until you finish a gallon the same night after weigh-ins.
Note : Your piss will get darker while you are cutting and you don't want to let it get brownish because that is kidney problems.
As you are re-hydrating you wanna keep drinking a ton of water until your piss is getting to be clear again and then you will know that you are re-hydrated fully again. After cutting so much water you usually won't piss for until you are almost 3/4 of a gallon back in your body. Continue to drink water ALL night, meaning when you wake up in the middle of the night to piss, drink more.
Day of Fight
I always eat some Pancakes in the morning for some good carbs. I will kind of go back on my regular diet after breakfast but just increase the amounts a bit. Don't get sick the day of, so eat in moderation and use the restroom (very necessary). Eat some fruit also through out the day. Begin to back off as the event gets closer so you are not bloated and feel bogged down. I don't know if these are all scientifically correct but it has worked for me many times.


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can someone help me lose 0.5 lbs.. i got 3 days to do so and i dont know what to do... thinking about dropping out of this tournament cause its so frustrating..

"Drop a deuce "

^^^^^ great advice!