help finding a teacher

At the age of 5 i was put in foster homes. I never stayed at one place longer than 1 week to 3 months. I never saw my parents till i was 15 when my mom got me out. I wanted to live with my mom because my dad spent most of his life in prison and when I stayed with him he would beat me. In 2001 my mom died. I moved in with my dad who was very ill and stayed in his bed. The only tme he got out of hes bed was to use the bathroom. In november 2003 he shot himself. The reason I tell you this is so you understand a little about me. I have taken boxing and brazilian jiujitsu . Im looking to be a MMA fighter and some day fght in Pride and the UFC. I love to train, i would train all day every day if i could. My problem is i dont have a lot of money and i am trying to find a teacher that would help me out on the gym membership. Like clean up the dojo and put out fliers for the gym or something like that. Then when i start fighting give so much of my earnings from each fight for about 3 years or something like that. That is only a suggestion, im open to ideas. Im not looking for a hand out just a break.I Currently live in Sandusky, Ohio.

Figure out where you wanna train and make it happen.

Team Quest would be a great choice.

Email me if ya want...