Help finding UFC 41 & 51 posters

Is there anyone who had the UFC 41 Onslaught and UFC 51 Super Saturday mini posters 81/2" X 11"? I have everyone since UFC 40 framed and hung around my bar for display (UFC 41 is not in that good of shape). I guess in a way I'm kind of obsessive and everytime a new UFC is announced I wait like a kid on Christmas Eve to see what the poster is going to look like, and plan out how it's going to improve the look of my basement. Please let me know if anyone knows how i can get them in mint-condition if possible. I just hate searching ebay for it and this would make my life a lot easier.

Thank you very Much

What's your email address?


Got it.

thank you very much beth!!

i have a 41 poster signed by frank mir.

I couldn't help but notice how I am missing every UFC event posted zince Zuffa took over except for UFC 42 and 47.

Gee, I wonder if anyone can help me out......cough Saucy cough

rkings- what posters do you have?? what sizes?